Agricultural Projects

Agricultural Projects

The majority of population in our society is farmers and the economy is depending on agriculture productions. Developments in agriculture will improve the socio-economic issues among farmers. Thus, Manavlok focuses on conducting awareness and trainings – soil testing, seed treatment, pest management and good agricultural practice.

A. Drumstick Cultivation project

The Drumstick cultivation project wasimplemented by Save Indian Farmers (SIF) and Manavlok in Maharashtra (Beed, Parbhani) and Andhra Pradesh. This activity was implemented in 55 acres of land in Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.Manavlok worked with 30 beneficiaries on 30 acres (20 acres of 22 beneficiaries in ambajogai and 10 acres of 8 beneficiaries in Parbhani) in Maharashtra & on 25 acres, this project is being implemented in Andhra Pradesh. These beneficiaries have been registered online for field surveys and drip irrigation subsidy. 21,000 saplings have been provided for a total area of 18.34 acres.

    • Beneficiary of Drumstick Cultivation Project is selected completely by going to the farm and after checking his/her criteria to fit in this project.

    • Farmers should be marginalized.

    • The farmer should have water facility in his farm field.

    • Seedlings were given to every farmer like 871 per acre and the farmers should spend paddy saplings as part of their participation. During the cultivation of Drumstick, the farmers have been provided 50% subsidy under the project for drip irrigation.

    • Drumstick cultivation project has provided 16550 ropes in 22 farmers of Beed district and 19 acres of land in Beed Maharashtra. In Parbhani district, 7 farmers and 9 acres of land have been provided with 7839 ropes. Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh, 13 farmers and their 25 acres area has given them 21775 saplings

    • A total of 41 farmers and 53 acres of land have been provided to them by the society.

Documents taken from Farmers:
  1. Base card
  2. Bank passbook
  3. 7-12/ 8A docs
  4. Beneficiary Forms

shevga plantation
shevga plantation


B. Hydroponics (SIF)

Hydroponics is simply the process of raising the plant, fodder in water. I.e. soil-less farming or agriculture.The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil is known as Hydroponics. Manavlok with the help from Save Indian Farmers (SIF)implemented this project in Dhangar Takli Tal. Purna, Dist. Parbhani. A total of five beneficiaries (20 animals) have cultivated 210 trays and the process of fodder production has started. A review report of 170 farmers was sent to Save Indian Farmers.


    This program is implemented in the village of Parbhani under the SIF (Save Indian farmers) and the Manavok.

    The Hydroponics 210 is a unit of Trey. In this, 21 trees are prepared every day, and in every tray there is 2 to 2.5 kg of fodder.

    In the 1st month 630 trays are formed and 1575 kg of fodder is produced

    Under this project 20 fodders from 5 beneficiaries of Dhanar Tala are provided.

    The fodder is prepared in 12 days.



C. Nursery

Ropwatika-This activity is implemented in Agriculture Department of the organization.Ropwatika is employed in 5 places namely Organization’s headquarter at Ambajogai & organization’s sub-centers, namely Patoda, Pisegaon, Bhavathana, Poos etc. where various saplings are available in this area under under the nursery.

Number of seedlings available:

Headquarters - 9781
Patoda sub-center -13283
Pisegaon sub-station - 4292
Bhavathana sub-station-9942
Poos sub-center -1700



D. Distribution of Seed and Fertilizers:

This particular activity was taken-up in the developmental aspects to help the vulnerable farmers who are not able to buy basic needs (Seed and Fertilizers) for the forthcoming crop season (Kharif Crop). We are proud to see our beneficiaries make use of the schemes properly on time; they started working in their field without borrowing money for buying seed and fertilizers



E. Campaign on Organic Compost:

We had Campaign on Organic Compost during 61st AIC Week (All India Cooperative Week) 19th November 2014. This programme was sponsored by Baliraja Co-operative Store and Krubhko. The President of this gathering was Dr. Dwarkadas S. Lohiya (founder of Manavlok). The gathering was addressed by the President of the gathering, Mr. R.P Patil (Field Manager of Krubhako, Beed), and Prof. Arun Gutte (Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krushi Vidyapit, Ambajogai). All the lectures were focusing on the significance, uses, process/methods of organic compost and the sustainability with low cost. This programme was attended by 300 farmers (both male and female).



F. Agriculture and Environment Development Project :

We are doing not only teaching others for the development of agriculture but we also implement our knowledge practically in our own farm. During Kharif crop season, we cultivated soya bean crop during Kharif season. And During Rabi Season we cultivated gram crop. Our garden also cultivated a Variety of vegetables seasonally. All the activities of our farm had been implemented with new technologies like BBF machine while sowing, boom sprayer while weeding, harvester while harvesting, etc. Also twenty fruit trees were planted at Bhavthana Center, 33 nursery plants planted at Salegaon Center and 20 plants planted at Yelda Center.



G. Farm Mechanization (Accessibility of Farm Equipments to Small Land holders):

The concept of “Farm Mechanisation” for the “Accessibility of Farm Equipments to Small Land holders” was sprouted while dealing with socio-economic issues among marginal and small landholding farmers. Agriculture operations are usually considered as manual labor work/activity mostly in rural part of India. The system of agriculture manual labor outcomes ineffective production/yield crops due to inability of timely perform activity for instances late-sowing, late-weeding, late-harvesting, etc. However, there are scanty availability of labors and excessive expenditure on labor. Therefore, farmers especially among the marginal and small landholding farmers have immense problems in rural areas. In Dist. Beed of Maharashtra State, Majority of the population among farmers are marginal and small landholding farmers. As far as their socioeconomic concerned they are not in a position to bear the capital cost of the agriculture equipments. Lack of acceptance the modern technology to implement in day to day activity among farmers is also a great challenge. Due to this even the rich farmers do not access farm mechanization. This project targets not only to poor farmers but also the rich farmers for creating sensitivity and awareness among all farmers about the requirement of change in agriculture tradition for positive productivity and sustainable agriculture. Lack of awareness about using of agriculture technology among rural population is one of the causes which lead to poor/poverty among farmers. Also from 2015 onwards, this support has been provided in more than 100 villages of Beed district those participating in the “Water Cup” conducted by Paani Foundation. Earthmovers, Excavators, Tractors, Tree Saplings, Baskets,Pickaxe, Hoe etc were provided to these participating villages by Manavlok.



Background of the Project:

TThe Farm Mechanization project came to reality after ADM Cares USA donated all the required agricultural equipments (Tractor, M.B Plough, Cultivator, Rotavator, Broad Bed Furrow (BBF) seed drillers, Boom Sprayer, Harvester, Lesser Land Leveler, TATA Xenon, Trailers, etc), aiming to uplift the socio economic of the marginal farmers (poor farmers) through minimizing their agriculture expenditure and yielding more crops by end to end operation of agriculture technology. The agriculture operation needs to be implemented and completed timely. Likewise, fertilizer applications, pesticide management & weeding through sprayer, Harvesting, etc. are to be done at proper time and appropriate stages.


Activities under “Farm Mechanisation” during April 2014 to March 2019

Boom Spraying 5 50 120
Cultivators 12 167 145
Harvesting 20 110 210
Ploughing 5 40 95
Rotavator 8 35 135
Sowing with (BBF) seed drillers 10 125 310
Transporting 12 40 350 trips

H) Affordable Technology in Agriculture: Awareness building program

With the help of IEEE Pune, Manavlok is implementing this project in Ambajogai block to support various initiatives related to Affordable Agriculture creating a favorable and collaborative ecosystem for driving initiatives for the benefit of small and marginal farmers. Under this project, the types of activities include:

Making agriculture experts available for talks and sharing of experience & best practices.

Organize training programs and workshops for improving awareness and knowledge of the farmers.

Setting up demo farm & FPC to showcase Affordable technology in Agriculture.

Providing facilities on farms for testing solutions created by students.

Deployment of ERP software to strengthen management practices.

Organizing an exhibition to showcase Affordable technologies in agriculture.

Other relevant activities.