Farmer Welfare

Farmer Welfare

During more than three decades of people oriented services, Manavlok delivered not only developmental services but also welfare services during natural disasters. Once a terrible earthquake occurred, drought and untimely rains are occurring in most of the years. During such circumstances Manavlok extended help to the victims as Relief services.

Drinking Water and Sanitation 15
Drought Provided Cattle camps
Earthquake Provided Agricultural Support
Education Support 3090 children
Emotional Support (counseling) and Trainings. 13288
Fertilizers 400 families
Hailstorms Seed and Fertilizers
Health 18790 person
House constructions 2 villages (223 families’ home)
Household Materials 13824 persons

Remedial Measures for Farmers Affected by Natural Calamity:

Background :

While dealing with the difficulties of poor and marginal farmers for more than three decades, we come across different types of natural disasters like earthquake, drought, hailstorms, cyclones, erratic rainfall, etc. in our project area. Therefore Manavlok initiated numbers of relief works in the past and present. In the past also, when there was a grief among farmers due to destructions on main source of farmers’ income like Rabbi Crop, animals, houses, etc by Untimely Rains with Terrible hailstorms and some farmers had taken extreme step to Suicide. Manavlok shared the pains and sufferings with vulnerable farmers in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. We made appeals for donation to meet the needs of vulnerable farmers, but we got very poor responds from public on this issue. Even though it was very big caused but Public considered it as normal things because it occurred very often.


Identification of Most Affected Villages :

We visited numbers of villages in Beed and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra to verify the most affected village by Untimely Rains and Hailstorm which cause to destruction of the Rabi Crop. Selection of Beneficiaries: In the Project proposal we put the criteria to be a beneficiaries are dry land holders below one hector of land but in the implementation we put upto 2 hectors because they are found same condition due to bigger family sizes, and the other criteria are also viz; farmers residing in the affected area, farmers below poverty line, no single member of the family engaged in Government sector, and the source of family income is only from own farm or as agriculture laborer.

Activity Taken-Up :

Under the Theme “Remedial Measures for Farmers Affected by Natural Calamity” we had taken-up 4 activities namely:

Distribution of Seed and Fertilizers

Desilting and Pouring Silt,

Water Accumulating Deep Trenche (WADTs)

Roof/Rain Water Harvesting.

Patoda 327
ambajogai 9
other 64
pisegaon 335
poos 126
salegaon 348
yelda 312
Total 1557

Also these activities are accepted as relief services by the Beneficiaries. These activities had been started during 1980s while dealing with the drought situation and issues of dry land holding farmers. It has number of positive outcomes of these activities like improving drought situation and increase agriculture production of dry land farms. Manavlok intends to implement these activities at drought prone area till the drought situation is resilient because scarcity of the Water is not only by receiving less rainfall but it is also due to the lack of sensitivity on preservation of water, lack of prevention measures initiatives and lack of awareness about the basic methods to improve the situation of water.

In the past years, Beed District faced severe drought. Ashti, Patoda, and three other Tahsils from District Beed suffered drought. Manavlok conducted survey of 20 villages in Tahsil Ashti. In that survey, 40 students from our social work college were involved. Drinking water, fodder for animals and wages to laborers were acute problems. To help needy people, Govt. started programs but these programs were not sufficient to fulfill the need of people. Manavlok requested and collected donations and utilized it for roof water harvesting and pipe line for drinking water. Food grains also were collected from Ambajogai which were distributed to the farmers who were living in cattle camps. Sakal, one of the leading Marathi newspapers, collected fund which was utilized in village Matori. In Matori, we implemented two activities, ie construction and renovation of old well. We also dug pits in the streams which gave very good results. Now, in all these villages, due to roof water harvesting and watershed program, water level has increased. Therefore people were very happy. Here is a Donors List for Farmers welfare. Donations List PDF s