Join Our Mission to achieve equality in the lives of women, landless laborers and marginal farmers.


Founder Speaks

Dwarkadas Shaligram Lohiya

MANAVLOK aims to solve the socio-economic problems of the community and achieve a better life for them. MANAVLOK helps common people to take initiative for their improvement with the aim of restoring the rightful place of women in socio economic and political setup and creating awareness of their own identity among them, for that MANAVLOK setup ‘Manaswini Mahila Prakalp’ (Women Project). MANAVLOK fights with the Government against injustice using nonviolent methods. Giving special support to the economic development of women and landless through skills training, capital support etc. Also provides seeds and fertilizers to Self Help Groups (SHGs) and helps to get various government schemes.

SAZ (An attempt to overcome drought):

MANAVLOK has facilitated the creation of a SAZ in Ambejogai. SAZ means Special Agriculture Zone. Rural economic management is dependent on agriculture. 80% farmers are dry-land holders. SAZ project is divided into two main sections. The first is area development which includes the development of the surrounding land, water and forest areas. Second part of SAZ is to generate social, health, economic and educational prosperity among the rural community. Cultivation of crops like sugarcane, bananas, and grapes etc. which require excess water will be restricted. Farmers will be encouraged to employ methods like sprinklers and drip irrigation for other crops. In SAZ, the farmers will be strictly prohibited from digging bore wells for irrigation. Drinking water will be available to all throughout the year, even during severe drought.

The Government employees will stay in the designated village. Villages that participate in and adhere to the rules of SAZ will get subsidy in electricity rates, designated will get facilities of schools, hospitals, colleges and court. The saving groups, chit fund groups in the villages will be strengthened and a village bank managed by SHGs will be started. Through that government will pay the salaries of employees living in the village. Gram Panchayat will get funds for development through the SHG bank. Village artisans will be imparted training to run the businesses more successfully.

Dr. Dwarkadas Shaligram Lohiya