Join Our Mission to achieve equality in the lives of women, landless laborers and marginal farmers.


Our Vision


MANAVLOK aims to solve the socio-economic problems of the community and to provide a better life to them.

Short Term Objectives

1. To improve the productivity of agricultural land through timely support for seeds, fertilizers, irrigation facilities, land renovation and farm mechanization.

2. To create employment opportunities in areas of residence to mitigate the migration problem, giving special support to the economic development of women and the landless via skills training, capital support etc.

3. To organize and improve the status of women, rural poor and youth through awareness programs.

4. To help provide drought-prone villages, access to safe and clean water for drinking and irrigation through watershed development and management (ridge to valley) approach.

5. To strengthen drought resilience in agriculture and promote sustainable farming practices in the region.

Long Term Objectives

1. Ending Migration.

2. Empowering the poor

3. Empowering women

4. Restoring the ecological balance

5. Building sustainable ecosystems

6. Mobilizing people by creating awareness about democratic functioning and social responsibilities.

7. Improving water safety and security in the region

8. Bringing in value and respect to farmers and agriculture sector