Agricultural Project

Agricultural Project

3 projects are implemented under this department

Shevga planting project
Hydroponics (SIF)

1. Shevga planting project

The Shevga plantation project is implemented by SIF and Manlok in Maharashtra (Beed, Parbhani) and Andhra Pradesh.

  • Beneficiary of Shvga Plantation Project is selected completely by going to the farm and with information
  • Farmers should be marginalized
  • The farmer should have the facility of water
  • Seedlings were given to every farmer like 871 per acre and the farmers should spend paddy saplings as part of their participation.During the cultivation of Shevga, the farmers have been provided 50% subsidy under the project for drip irrigation.
  • Shevga planting project has provided 16550 ropes in 22 districts of Beed district and 19 acres of land in Maharashtra. In Parbhani district, 7 farmers and 9 acres of land have been provided with 7839 ropes. Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh, 13 farmers and their 25 acres area has given them 21775 saplings.
  • A total of 41 farmers and 53 acres of land have been provided to them by the society.
Documents taken from Farmers:
  1. Base card
  2. Bank passbook
  3. Satbara / 8a
  4. Beneficiary Forms

2. Hydroponics (SIF)

Hydroponics is simply the process of raising the plant, fodder in water. Ie soil-less farming or agriculture.

  • This program is implemented in the village of Parbhani under the SIF (Save Indian farmers) and the Manavok.
  • The Hydroponics 210 is a unit of Trey. In this, 21 trees are prepared every day, and in every tray there is 2 to 2.5 kg of fodder.
  • In the 1st month 630 trays are formed and 1575 kg of fodder is produced
  • Under this project 20 fodders from 5 beneficiaries of Dhanar Tala are provided.
  • The fodder is prepared in 12 days.

3. Nursery

Roopwatika This activity is implemented in the Agriculture Department under the scheme. Roopwatika is employed in 5 places under NITO. Various saplings are available in this area under headquarter, Patoda sub-center, Pisegaon sub-center, Bhavathana sub-center, Pus sub station, under the nursery.

Number of seedlings available:

Headquarters - 31168
Patoda sub center -21245
Pisegaon Sub-Station - 10200
Gidhana sub station-21628
Pus sub center -1700