Disaster Relief

Disasters are a natural attack on human beings. MANAVLOK believes that our prime aim is working for the well-being of human beings. And in disasters, we work with a humanitarian approach to help disaster-affected areas and people.

Killari Earthquake Relief Work:

Killari earthquake was one of the deadliest earthquakes Maharashtra has seen to date. The earthquake struck at about 3.56 am on September 30, 1993. In the intraplate earthquake which measured 6.7 on the moment magnitude scale about 52 villages were destroyed, over 30,000 were injured and approximately 10,000 were killed.

Housing for Earthquake Affected Villagers:

Killari, Latur earthquake (1993) was one of the deadliest earthquakes Maharashtra has seen ever. MANAVLOK served for the Safety of these earthquake-affected villagers with proper housing facilities and rehabilitation of two villages namely Pardhewadi (Latur) and Rampur (Osmanabad) by constructing new houses thus giving benefits to 393 beneficiaries.

Support to Sangli-Kolhapur Flood Victims:

Many villages were damaged due to the severe flood situation in Sangli-Kolhapur Districts. Most of the households and farmland were affected heavily due to the flood water. As soon as the unfortunate incident was known, Manavlok Organization from Ambejogai started rescue and relief work in the 13 villages of Sangli district.

Supplying water tankers to drought affected villages

The main objective of this is to promote awareness among the people regarding the adequate use of water and help villagers by providing them with fresh drinking water that will help them to survive in a distressing situation. We recently implemented this activity with the help of “Thermax” and "Caring Friend" in Ranmasale village from Solapur block. In the first phase, based on the needs of the village, a water tanker will be provided daily to the water crisis-affected village.

Relief for Manjra Kaath Flood victims:

Villages on the banks of Manjra and Van rivers in Ambajogai Cage taluka were hit by floods due to heavy rains in 2021. The houses were inundated, crops were damaged and animals were killed due to incessant rains. The entire soil layer was washed away and huge boulders got accumulated on the fields. A flood relief program was launched by MANAVLOK where we provided immediate relief items to the victims.

Chiplun Mahad Flood Relief:

Due to heavy rains in Raigad taluka, residential areas were severely damaged and houses were flooded. A team of 20 activists from Manavlok immediately reached Chiplun to help the flood victims. With the support of Rashtra Seva Dal, the flood victims were provided with basic necessities. We also provided counseling and therapies to the flood victims to ensure their mental well-being.

COVID-19 response work:

As of September 1, 2020, MANAVLOK’s COVID-19 response works with the support from our donors is as follows:
Medical Support

Provided over 3000 N95 masks, gloves, and HAZMAT suits to frontline workers.
Provided Central Oxygen and Suction System for a 30-bed isolation ward to the first and one of the largest rural medical government hospitals in Asia the SRT Medical College and Hospital, Ambajogai.