COVID-19 response work:

COVID-19 response work:

As of September 1, 2020, MANAVLOK’s COVID-19 response, with the support of our donors, was as follows:
Medical Support

Provided over 3000 N95 masks, gloves, and HAZMAT suits to frontline workers.
Provided Central Oxygen and Suction System for a 30-bed isolation ward to the first and one of the largest rural medical government hospitals in Asia the SRT Medical College and Hospital, Ambajogai.
Distributed 1950 liters of hand sanitizer to individuals, families, and frontline organizations in need.
Donated blood to help patients in need and have a team of approximately . 100 blood donors ready as and when required.
A tractor-mounted boom sprayer was freely available for sterilization in Ambajogai Nagar Palika.
20 people with mental health conditions are bathed, provided new clothes and regular 2 meals a day are supplied to them, along with care, continuously since lockdown 1 began.
Provided a mobile van dispensary Sewa for rural areas of Beed, which treated over 1549 patients and gave them medical aid.
Distributed 5000 Saafkins (Disposable Sanitary Napkins) for women in the area.
One of the biggest difficulties, apart from the availability of medical services, to most people across the country, is with transportation. This was the situation in Ambajogai as well; the COVID unit needed more ambulances to transport deceased patients and infected patients separately to reduce the spread of major infections. Hence, MANAVLOK has provided our institution’s ambulance to the hospital to ease their worries.

Financial Assistance

MANAVLOK's Manaswini Mahila Prakalp has supported by the transfer of Rs 1000 to 164 single women in need During the lockdown period, 21,000 cloth masks were made by local women, out of whom 52 women got jobs Government grants to 32 destitute women and the elderly were delivered home by MANAVLOK team with the consultation of banks Provide financial assistance to over 200 single female farmers for farm inputs like seeds, fertilizer, etc.

Food Ration and Accommodation support 

Provided over 11,500 ration kits to the needy, poor, daily wage laborers, BPL families, and destitute persons
Food arrangements were made for 120 migrant laborers in Dharur, 24 migrant laborers in Ambajogai along with accommodation facility and 14 daily wage laborers in Yelda Tal Ambajogai sub-center were provided with accommodation and food arrangement for 32 days.
33 from MP and 5 from UP, a total of 38 laborers walking back home were provided with shelter and 2 meals daily at MANAVLOK Ambajogai for over 25 days.
Operating 30 senior citizen kitchens in various villages, which are benefiting more than 495 destitute senior citizens.
Provided 24 one-month ration kits to Bhakti Prem Ashram Old age home in Ambajogai.
Provided ration kits to 24 Acrobat (Dombari) community families who have been struggling with access to basic necessities.
This lockdown has put approximately 24 shepherd families in distress; MANAVLOK supported these families by providing ration kits.
Provided ration kits to approximately 40 families working in a brick kiln.
Distributed 1011 ration kits in the containment zones of Ambajogai.

Support for Stranded Migrants
10 students walking back home from Pune were dropped off at their homes in Gadchiroli.
33 laborers from MP and 5 from UP, a total 38 laborers walking back home, were sent home after 25 days of care.
A single mother and 5 of her children were dropped off at their home in Hingoli by MANAVLOK

Agriculture support
Farmer producer companies started under the guidance of MANAVLOK have been taking part in fresh produce home delivery in an effort to avoid crowds in public spaces and to minimize farmer’s losses actively. They have been able to deliver fresh produce to hundreds of families so far.
An article was published by MANAVLOK about post-COVID-19 pandemic agriculture status and efforts we need to take to cope with the situation. This was spread to lakhs of farmers through social media.
A Facebook live was arranged to explain the Direct vegetable marketing License Rules and opportunities to encourage farmers in the current scenario.
A Facebook live was arranged to explain the Soybean crop economics to reduce the cost of cultivation during the coming Kharif season.

Awareness activities
Timely awareness to the general public, especially those in villages, about prevention of COVID-19 disease is provided through social media posts with animated photos, etc.
A short video on how to wash hands when there’s no running tap water in the house was made and shared on various social media platforms.
3 blogs about COVID-19 and prevention measures for it have been published.
Organized a webinar about “Problems of Women during CORONA Lockdown” with guests’ speakers MLA Dr. Nilam Tai Gorhe, Dr. Sameer Gore (Psychiatrist from Mumbai), and Mangaltai Khinwasara (Sr Journalist from Aurangabad).
Organized a webinar about “Problems associated with Child Marriages and Sexual Abuse during CORONA Lockdown” with guest speakers Adv. Anita Gujar from YASHADA Pune and Adv. Sanjay Sengar (Utkarsh Social Welfare Society, Akola).