Facing challenges in implementing projects of social development are the learning opportunities and motivational inputs for our staff to be successful in the delivery of qualitative outputs. As MANAVLOK has about three decades experience of overcoming the challenges/difficulties, our staff is now equipped with enough to carry out a variety of plans and policies related to community development. The humble creed of our organization ‘MANAVLOK’ makes a transparent path towards carrying-out different social development projects. The credit of all success works goes to our Creed and Philosophy.

We strongly believe that, “Once Friends are Always Friends” as a progressive motto to all of our beneficiaries, donors/benefactors and partners. We encourage relationship between our benefactors and beneficiaries. We motivate “the rich to help the poor and the Stronger to help the weaker”. Unconditional support towards the cause of social developments and human rights is our humble undertaking. We appreciate the support of our well-wishers in times of joy and sorrow while working in uplifting the poor among Indian families.

“We are all proud to be social workers under MANAVLOK. We appeal to one and all to join us.”

Aniket Dwarkadas Lohiya

Secretary, MANAVLOK