Agricultural Projects

The majority of population in our society is farmers and the economy is depending on agriculture productions. Developments in agriculture will improve the socio-economic issues among farmers. Thus, MANAVLOK focuses on conducting awareness and trainings – soil testing, seed treatment, pest management and good agricultural practice.During the 1993’s unfortunate Latur earthquake, various agriculture implement distribution in which Pick axes, spades and tin baskets, Spray pumps, Ploughs, Drinking water storage tanks for cattle etc. were given by MANAVLOK in which more than 1500 families from 34 villages were benefited combined.

Support for Dry land Horticulture:

Climate change amplifies threats to food security, hunger and malnutrition. It is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as floods and droughts, as well as heat waves that disrupt livelihoods.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives for Small Holder Alphonso Farmers of Konkan :

MANAVLOK, with F&I and with the support of ADM Cares, is implementing a project on Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives for Small Holder Alphonso Farmers of Konkan in Bagmandale, Ghudge, Panchanadi, area of Raigad District. The aim is to support the smallholder Alphonso farmers to cope with climate change, become more resilient, and achieve higher quality output with limited input. The knowledge of the package of practices is given by taking various awareness programs and farmers' meets. The farmers are provided with crates for the collection of mangos, a vermicompost bed, pruning equipment, an insecticide spraying safety kit, and mango harvesting equipment. The project also assures better prices for all grades of Alphonso.

MANAVLOK’s FPC Support Center :

At present, there are more than 9,000 FPCs in India which are largely promoted by NABARD, SFAC, and various state governments. The Government of India in its 2019 budget has announced the promotion of additional 10,000 new FPCs in the next 5 years. These 18,000 FPCs are expected to work directly with about 18 million small and marginal farmer households (indirectly touching 40 million lives). With farmers new to self-management, marketing, and next stage value-addition roles as `beyond-producer-managers’, their leadership (Board of Directors and CEOs and staff) of about 150,000 people require attention from all the stakeholders.

Agro Based Processing Industries Cluster :

With the vast experiential learnings from our past projects regarding milk industry, Dal industry, etc. MANAVLOK is supporting various FPC’s/FPO’s for setting up Agro Based processing Industry clusters.

Krushak Panchayat:

Will I be able to get a loan from the bank now? Last year’s Kharif crop did not go well; we have unsold grains and produce from this Rabi season because of the lockdowns. I could sell them now but at a lower price which will not help sustain our needs.

Production Enhancement Project (SIF):

MANAVLOK has implemented several projects for improving per acre production and productivity of major crops in beneficiary villages. Along with ADM Cares, we worked for the enhancement of Soybean production, productivity and better price for farmers.

FPO/FPC Formation and Support:

Farmer Producer Organisation/Companyis a corporate body for the increasing production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, export of primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for optimum benefit of farmer at lowest possible cost of cultivation.

Distribution of Seeds and Fertilizers:

This particular activity is taken-up in the developmental aspects to help the vulnerable farmers who are not able to buy basic needs (Seed and Fertilizers) for the coming crop season (Kharif-Rabi Crop). We are proud to see our beneficiaries make use of the schemes properly on time; they started working in their field without borrowing money for buying seed and fertilizers.

Organic Farming

Agriculture is the main occupation in India. Two-third of population is dependent on agriculture directly or indirectly. It is not merely a source of livelihood but a way of life.

Farm Mechanization (Accessibility of Farm Equipment’s to Small Land Holders):

The concept of “Farm Mechanisation” for the “Accessibility of Farm Equipment’s to Small and marginal Land holders” was sprouted while dealing with socio-economic issues among them.

Animal Care:

MANAVLOK works for the good health of farm animals by conducting different activities like Vaccination camp, we also provide help to farmers to raise their animals by providing them help during drought and scarcity times.

Nursery or Ropwatika

This activity is implemented in Agriculture Department of the organization. Ropwatika is employed in 5 places namely Organization’s headquarter at Ambajogai and organization’s sub-centers, namely Patoda, Pisegaon, Bhavathana, Poos etc. where various saplings are available in this area under the nursery. We provide these well grown, healthy saplings to farmers at very nominal rate.

Drought Resilience

Beed district in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is a drought prone district with dry black soils suited to cotton. It is a hilly terrain with dryland ecosystems. The area has hard-rock aquifers which make groundwater relatively expensive to access.