Rural Development

Jansahayog (People’s Initiative to Fight Against Injustice)

MANAVLOK believes that advocacy is the process of community development through public protest to the misuses of public funds and untimely delivery of schemes by concerned department. MANAVLOK has a vibrant advocacy team “Jansahayog” to create awareness among people. Through MANAVLOK initiatives in advocacy, many of the unutilized government schemes have been utilized in the region across.

Workshops for the Efficient Rural Development

MANAVLOK organizes various workshops for the people from work catchment regarding water conservation, organic farming, digital literacy, plastic eradication, tree plantation, etc. Also various schemes for saving water, agriculture, soil conservation etc.are discussed in these workshops.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

MANAVLOK promotes income generating programs to marginal income population. We have vocational training centers for capacity building and empowerment among vulnerable groups in our society.


Through HelpAge India sponsorship, MANAVLOK had provided nutrition, cloth, medical treatment and medicines, etc. to 406+ senior citizens. There were twenty Self Help Groups of senior people. The recovery of loan given to eleven groups were smoothly repaying regularly. Regular meeting of president and secretaries of the self-help groups was held.

Livelihood Support

Manavlok has always focused on women empowerment, with emphasis on empowerment of widows and single women. As a means to support their livelihood, 2 goats have been distributed to 45 women.

Community Kitchen

Under this program two times fresh meals are provided on a daily basis to the needy beneficiaries. From 2016 onwards, this activity is being run to support the poor and lonely elderly villagers. Currently, the program is being implemented in 37 villages benefitting 450+ persons. The program is supported by Give India and Caring Friends.