A one-day workshop on "Youth Awareness: Dreams and Challenges"

On July 23rd, 2023, a workshop titled "Youth Awareness: Dreams and Challenges" was held in honour of the late Principal Dr. Shaila (Bhabhi) Lohiya Memorial Day. The workshop also included the inauguration of the Shaila Lohiya Library. The event was attend

Event Date: 23rd Jul 2023

Toy Bank Training

Since 2016, The Open Tree Foundation Mumbai (Toy Bank) and Manavlok, Ambajogai have been working to implement Toy Bank in schools across Ambajogai, Dharur, Parli, and Kaij talukas.

Event Date: 3rd Jun 2023

Publication of the report on the River Campaign by the District Collector

On January 4th, 2023, the Manjra River Dialogue Mission began as part of the Let's Know our Rivers Campaign initiative, in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra, Jalbirajdari, and Manavlok, Ambajogai.

Event Date: 2nd Jun 2023

Custard Apple Training

Custard apple farmers in the Beed district, known for their GI-tagged produce Custard apple and crops, are encountering numerous challenges.

Event Date: 2nd Jun 2023

Inauguration of Trupti Kitchen

In rural areas, many elderly individuals who are destitute have no one to care for them. These individuals lack any means of income or resources to feed themselves. To address this issue, the Trupti Initiative (a community food house) was started by Manav

Event Date: 23rd May 2023

Manavlok's 41st Anniversary

On the occasion of Manavlok's 41st anniversary, a farmers' meet and an exhibition of organic agricultural produce were organized. Padmashri Shabbir Bhai Sheikh, Natural Industries Chairman BB Thombre, MLA Namita Tai Mundada, and Sub Divisional Agriculture

Event Date: 1st Apr 2023

Organic Farm Production Exhibition

On the occasion of Manavlok's 41st anniversary, the farmer's meeting and organic farm produce exhibition received a spontaneous response from the farmers, The agricultural products of the farmers participating in the Manavlok organic farm program were ama

Event Date: 1st Apr 2023

Let's know our River Campaign

The Let's Know Our River campaign aims to revive 75 rivers in Maharashtra state as part of the Chala Jaanuya Nadiila initiative, in celebration of India's Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.

Event Date: 4th Jan 2023

Ambajogai Youth Festival 2022

The Ambajogai Youth Festival 2022 has taken place on December 24th. It is being held in memory of Dr. Dwarakadasji Lohiya(Babuji), with the aim of fulfilling his dreams of bringing together the youth of Ambajogai.

Event Date: 24th Dec 2022