Health Project

Health Project

There are three sections under this section

Triple Kitchen
Personal supervision and planning process on health services
Toy Bank

1. Triple Kitchen

  • Under this program two meals are provided for the dependents and senior people with minimal amount.
  • Beneficiary selection is done under sub-station.
  • Filling the beneficiary primary information selection form
  • Aadhaar card, birth certificate certificate.
  • Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank passbook, photo of the person running the kitchen
Beneficiary Choices :
  1. The farmer should not be named after the beneficiary
  2. Financial conditions should be in order
  3. Beneficiaries should be unfounded
  4. Beneficiary is a minor (disabled, innocent)

2. Personal supervision and planning process on health services

This is done under the public health care services. People are organized by various committees through public health services and are given their services. Regarding health services, public awareness programs, public interaction, public awareness through posters, and various socially organized committees are addressed through health services.

3. Toy Bank

Toys are distributed to schools under this. These toys are allocated to the schools of increasingly growing schools of intellectual abilities, increasing the number of developmental skills such as playing games and understanding the mathematical process. For this, the application needs to be submitted to the Sports Demand Application Form, after which it fills up the evaluation / information form.

Rules for allotting toys to schools:

1. Schools should be quality
2. Schools should be digital or enterprising