July 30, 2016


medical-checkup-2  The process of overall development is based on holistic approach and adequate health care. Since last three decades, Manavlok Conducted several types of free health camps through mobile clinic, awareness and trainings at village level on sanitation programs, drinking water facilities, and primary health care system.   Presently,   Manavlok is   rendering services   under   NRHM   as   Community Monito(CBM)

Reproductive Child Health Program, Ayush, DOT, Help-Age, NRHM (CBM) The members which works for rural area health centre known as ASHA members formed a Taluka sanghatana. Three ASHA sanghatnas are selected as leaders from each primary health centre. To work on this project Manavlok was selected as ‘Zilha Samnvayak Sanstha’ and as a ‘Taluka sanstha’ for Ambajogai taluka. Government selected 25 Primary Health Centre from Bhavthana, Apegaon, Bardapur, Ghatnandur.


Programme (DOT):
This programme is implementing since 2003. Since inception of the project there is 385 TB Patients as benefited beneficiaries under this programme. In the Current reporting year 5 TB Patients have Course Completed and Recovered, and 4 TB patients are still going on the courses. We also conducted 41 Meetings cum Awareness in 41 villages, Rally, Role Play, and Poster Exhibitions.


CBM(Community Based Monitoring)

medical-checkup-childrenManavlok has been selected as District Coordination Organization and Taluka Organization of Ambajogai Taluka’s for CBM. This activity is being implemented in 35 villages of Ambajogai Taluka. Under this project we had organized several meetings, workshop, training, awareness for different categories. Presently this project is covering 5- PHCs (Apegaon, Bardapur, Bhavthana, Ujani, Ghatnandur), one Rural Hospital (Dhanora), Block Hospital (Ambajogai), and District Hospital(Beed).

District Monitoring and Planning Committee were arranged and different problems regarding health services were put before higher authorities of Ambajogai and Beed District. A workshop was organized for different organizations and staffs of health department.  Workshop was arranged for people’s representatives, five meetings were conducted with the workers of Taluka co-ordination NGO’s for review of activities and planning. A training and awareness programme were conducted for patient’s welfare committee. Nutrition and water supply committees were extended and the training was given to them. Progress report of four primary health centres were prepared and displayed in the respective primary health centers. Similarly a progress report of rural hospital located at Dhanora village was prepared and displayed on the walls of hospital.

Table of Meetings, Workshop and Training under CBM


We organized several public hearing sessions on social issues at different places. Several villagers have discussed on the issues of health services in the presence of district medical health ‘Sabhapati’, and district medical officer.

Some of the problems were solved immediately. Second public hearing was held in civil hospital, Mandi Bazar Ambajogai for different problems. For this programme 460 people were present including MLA Shri Prithviraj Sathe. Others Public hearing programme was arranged in Apegaon, Bhavthanam, Bardapur, Ghatnandur primary health centers under Ambajogai Taluka. About 579 villagers took part in these programmes. A follow up was done by visiting villages, visiting higher authorities and through postal communication regarding the health issues.

In the primary health centres of Apegaon, Bardapur and Bhavthana, there were recorded ascending in the OPD and other services after public hearing were done. The nebulizers and Ambulances that were started effectively using. The meetings of patient welfare committees had started held regularly along with the active participation of people’s representative at increasing scale. The quality of health services has been improved as per evaluation report.  Awareness on services to be given by PHC has been developed. Installed a complaint box at Panchayat Samiti Office to get people’s’ opinion about health issues and these complaints has been discussed by BDO (Block Development Officer, Ambajogai), public elected members, organization Representatives.


Table of Events under CBM


Asha Sanghathana

meetings also conducted every three months regularly. Their problems were put before the authorities. Manavlok provides Ambulance for needy patients on the basis of neither loss nor profit. In the reporting it was used by 7 patients and contributed a sum of Rs. 8060 for maintenance. And using for 2 different health camps.


IBP(International Budget Partnership)

Study facilities about funds, utilization of health sector. Through this programme we conducted study on the grants and utilization of4 PHCs (Apegaon, Bardapur, Bhavthana, Ghatnandur), and a block health office through discussion with District health officer, Reproductive Child Health Officer, and Representatives of SATHI Organisation-Pune.


Jaipur Foot Capms:Camp of Fitting Artificial Limbs

artifical-limbsCamps of Fitting Artificial Limbs had been organized at Ambajogai and Salegoan in collaboration with “Sadhu Vasavani, Mission” Pune. The Camps held on 26th and 27th July 2014 were organized at two deferent places for identifying the right beneficiaries and measured the legs and hands of the beneficiaries. Follow-up Camps held on 13th& 14th September 2014 where we fitted the artificial limbs on legs and hand of the beneficiaries. In these particular Camps, 242 beneficiaries were benefited treatment and artificial limbs.

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