July 30, 2016


Short Term Objectives

  1. To improve the productivity of agricultural land through timely support for seeds , fertilizers, irrigation, facilities, land renovation and farm mechanization.
  2. To create employment opportunities to mitigate the migration problem
  3. To organize and improve the status of women, rural poor and youth through awareness programs.





Manavlok’s philosophy is reflected in its name where Manavlok thus symbolizes a new idea or an experiment in rural development, whereby villagers themselves are the focus of action and control. We believe that collective local leadership plays an essential role in mobilizing the local resources and making the best use of them.  The utilization of local human resources must take priority over the hiring of outside assistance.

 Manavlok does not entertain the welfare approach of giving aid.  It believes in providing the means for development rather than doling out money to the poor. Funds are thus directed at start-up projects, with the expectation that beneficiaries contribute an equal investment of time and energy.

We believes that women play an important role, as equal as that of men, in society and yet continue to be marginalized, impoverished and under-represented. Special attention is given to the development of women by Manaswini, a special women-oriented project.

Manavlok acknowledges that the health of people is ultimately dependent on the health of their environment. The land must be protected from modern petrochemicals and devastation. Since ignorance and poverty are the enemies of environment, awareness programs and development schemes are seriously promoted. Manavlok works with and for the people of Marathwada region of Maharashtra


Long Term Objectives

  1. Ending Migration.
  2. Empowering the poor
  3. Empowering women
  4. Restoring the ecological balance
  5. Building sustainable ecosystems
  6. Mobilizing people by creating awareness about democratic functioning and social responsibilities.