July 30, 2016

Sister Concerns

Manavlok as an NGO has supported & guided other organisations and societies, helping them progress in their own areas of work:

Savitri Mahila Udyog

krushak-panchayatSavitri Mahila Udyog is an enterprise to uplift the status of women in the society. The Udyog has worked relentlessly to create job opportunities for women, redress domestic grievances and act as a support system for oppressed women.






Manaswini Mahila Nagari Patpedhi

manaswini-mahila-prakalpManaswini Mahila Nagari Patpedhi is a women’s co-operative credit society, to empower micro finance among women who wish to pursue the entrepreneurial path, and be independant.  provides easy and low interest credit to women to start small scale income generating activities. The idea behind this activity is to inculcate the tradition of saving among the women.






Krushak Panchayts & Shetakari Mandals

krushak-panchayat1Krushak Panchayts & Shetakari Mandals which are small and independent farmer groups have been actively helped by Manavlok. We believe that empowering farmers is the key to a sustainable India whose backbone is agriculture and farming.