July 30, 2016

Upcoming Projects


kitchen-ladies-n-childrensThrough this activity we provide one time free meal to the needy members of marginal land holders and landless labourers in the drought affected villages. The meals are served 25 days in a month. At least one member from beneficiary family opted to perform Shramdan (voluntary contribution) for 5 days in a month. Through this Shramdan sustainable water shed work is undertaken. During this draught period, in 11 villages Community Kitchen Activities has been successfully completed. 299,465 free meals have been served. And 4733 people get benefited through this activity. 26939 man-days have been generated through shramdaan.


compartment-bunding2This activity is initiated for restricting the rain water to a particular land area thereby maintaining the water holding capacity of the land. This activity not only prevents water to flow away from the particular land area, but also prevents soil erosion. We are aiming to achieve the target of 5000 acres in 25 villages.







img_3_1The work of rejuvenation started in January, 2016 in the auspicious presence of renowned Water Expert Honorable Mr.Rajendra Singh. The work is completed in three villages and 9.7 KM. of work has been completed till date the beneficiary villagers are contributing through Shramdaan.






support-agriculture-upcoming-project-1Manovlok is introducing a new project “Accessibility of Farming Equipment to Small Land Holder Farmers” to uplift the Indian farmers’ economic by using modern technologies. The project is funded by “ADM Cares US” company as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. The project is going to implement during Kharif season 2014.The main goal of the project is to abolish poverty among poor farmers through minimizing their expenses on agriculture. Some immediate objectives and implementation assessment targets are as given below:

I.        To mechanise end-to-end operations of Crops cultivation identified clusters by forming Farmers’ Groups.

II.     Minimise cultivation expenses by 33 %.

III.   Increase operational efficiency by timely farm operation.

IV.   Save wastage at harvesting stage by 20%.



tree-plantationThe aim of the Plant a Tree appeal is to support planting of native trees to reconnect fragmented habitat and provide additional food sources for bird and animal populations.

Trees selected for planting are a mixture of native species that grow naturally in nearby, established forest. Once the saplings are planted out on the reserve, they are checked and monitored to ensure successful establishment.

“TREE CUP” aimof this activity is to involve and motivate peoples for plantation and growing the saplings and creating awareness of plantation. in this activity at least 50-100 saplings to daily wage workers will be given to nurture for a year.for each mature plant Rs.25-35 will be paid. And this activity will be carried in villages and the village growing more saplings in a year will be awarded and so on.